Terms of Service

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Terms of Service - PayPal, Virtual Card & Virtual Bank

I am not responsible for -

Anything that happens to you or the VCC/VBA/PP

Limitations of your account.

Sending / Receiving Issues Merchant related issues.

If buying a Custom VCC, please note that we are not responsible if the VCC working on the website you chose, We only guarentee on the websites we've tested on.

If you are interested on using the virtual card for Amazon Prime or Google Cloud, you would need a active & aged account (3-96+ Months)

Only replacing in case the VCC/VBA/PP is proven not working.

I am not responsible if the VCC/VBA/PP does not work on the website you intended to buy it for.

I am not responsible if you cannot transfer money out of the VBA or if it is a frozen account.

USA, UK, Australia and Canadian PayPal accounts also need a bank account & virtual credit card for full

verification, in some cases they need documents as well.

VCCs that are bought will be deleted after 24 hours (unless you're buying a custom VCC & no longer need it, Doesn't

apply on Small VCCs) wiether you used it or not.

I only provide VIRTUAL products, not physical so that means I do not provide documents for them (unless you are paying) if a service is asking for it

Terms of Service - RDPs

You're not allowed to port scan for vulnerable IPs

You are only allowed to use VPNs such as Express & Vypr (Other VPNs will disconnect you from the RDP)

You are allowed to crack, but under proxies.

You will receive 5 GB Bandwidth for free, after that It'll cost you 20 Cents each GB of Bandwidth (Which could be an explaination why your RDP is down early.

You are not allowed to host childporn.

You are not allowed to DDOS

Terms of Service - Hacks/Cheats

You are not allowed to resell my products unless you have our concent

You're not allowed to share the files given to you. Each loader has it's own fingerprint so I will revoke your access with no refund (Includes sending it to another user)

You are not allowed to leak nor attempt to crack the cheat.


I am not responsible for anything that happens to you nor your account(s). My best recommendation is using VPN + an Alternative account to prevent consequences.

Terms of Service - Scripts/Bots

You are not allowed to resell nor modify the script.

I have the right to revoke your access on the script/bot anytime if nessessary (I will not revoke it for no reason)

You have the right to update the script with my permission.

We just create a script that automates actions, We do not guarentee it will successfully approve the automated account.

Terms of Service - All

I am not responsible for -

Anything that happens to you or the product.

We claim no responsiblity if you purchased a product and discovered that you have no use of it (It is your duty to ask about the product)

If we fail to deliver the product, You have 2 options -

Option 1) Wait for the product to be back available and delievered

Option 2) Request another product that has the same value as the one you purchased (If the product's value is higher, You will have to pay the remaining amount)

Replacement - Includes after payment and i wasn't able to deliver the product you intended to buy.

Replacements can vary of all products (in some cases, I can only provide products that is not being resold (Most of my products are provided by me, not being resold))

If you don't like any of the replacements given, I cannot do anything about it. I am only replacing when you can prove the product is not working by RECORDING the moment you have recieved the product till the error you recieved, failing to do so will not get you any replacement.

I claim no responsiblity if you are get the account terminated.

I am not responsible if your account has been terminated meanwhile or after the service is being done.

You must contact me within 24 hours of your purchase

If you threaten us, We reserve the right to ban you off our platform and cancel any pending orders.

I am allowed to change these TOS without your knowledge.

Refunds will not be given, I am more than happy to exchange your product to another product (Regardless if you want any product or not)

By Purchasing, you're agreeing with the TOS.